Monday, September 05, 2005

Jim Boyd Plays Pig Out in/at/with the Park

Jim Boyd-Award300
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This photo is from Jim's website
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  • My family and I had the pleasure of listening to Jim Boyd play today at Noon. I think he is Spokane's premier talent. We've got quite a few of his recordings, and they get played a lot at our house.

    Jim wins all sorts of awards for his music. He is listened to all around the world. At the concert, Jim mentioned he just opened a store on West Garland. I don't know anything about it, other than that's where it's located. You can click on his website to listen to many of his songs. Luckilly, you can always download them from ITunes too. You can't go wrong. All are great!

    When I was listening to Jim play, I was thinking how cool it would be to do a mix-up of Jim Boyd and another famous Spokane musician - Bing Crosby. It would be weird, but it would work. So, those of you out there who are studio-savvy, have at it and maybe we can post the results.

    If he was willing, maybe Jim would do a cyber-duet with Der Bingle. Hey, Bowie sang with Bing. What say, Jim?


    Gem_with_faraway_eyes said...

    I'm not a troll, honest. and I don't want you to think I'm being mean, unfriendly, or rude. I just want to say one thing.

    Shhhhhh.... Spokane's full.

    Please don't ask folks to come here. They come, they stay, they take up space. They reproduce like rabbits.

    Anyone who immigrated after 1970 should go back where they came from.

    Great pics, good stuff, love the blog.

    Spokane is a wonderful place yeah, but man, Spokane's full.

    EvilElf said...

    There's always room for one more (diabolical laughter)