Friday, February 08, 2008

Rest well, oh humble servant...

Originally uploaded by Griffith Family
Some of you who know me know of my affinity for Spokane's shopping carts. I have snapped many a shot of them interfacing with us and our landscape. Are they the modern equivalent of the buffalo? Are they a glimpse into the future of what awaits each of us?

All I know, is that they turn up in the darndest places, in many manifestations - in the river, in people's living rooms, as makeshift bicycle trailers, as ersatz BBQ grills, even as traveling shrines of the impending rapture - you name it.

And then when you see one, a young one like this, so full of promise cast into the icy bank, you can almost hear its crash into the imprisoning snow - a thunderous cry and quaking thud of today's chromed mastodon.

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