Monday, March 10, 2008

Latah Creek says it's spring...

Well, I don't know if I believe Latah Creek... yet. It was beautiful on Sunday though.

The muddy churning creek empties into the Spokane River, and for a while flows in its own separate space in the river. Two rivers flowing side by side reigned in by a pair of snowy banks. After a while, gray Latah gives up and gets absorbed by clear Spokane.

And on Sunday, Lots of families with little kids intermingled with the usual denizens of this confluence. You can make your own analogy.

Again this is one of the many payoffs of walking Spokane. Out and about on foot - it's easy to make very poignant detours - visit places you will never see in a car. And even the places you can "see" in a car, you really never "see" until you are on foot or on a bicycle.

Having walked or ridden my bicycle all through the winter, I think I am really going to appreciate doing both in the spring. Luckily, on Sunday, I took my walk with my best friend.

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