Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spokesman-Review's pinwheels are made by Chinese child laborers...

Ironically the factory uses the same slogan "Our kids: Our business."

Can I prove this? No. But, let's face it, there are probably no pinwheel factories left in the US of A. Spokane lost its pinwheel plant back in '57.

This SR campaign really bugs me. I think it is very self-serving in that they create their own "news." Even the great Cheryl-Ann Milsap has been forced to write about the pinwheels... in the sun... with the wind.

More than anything, I know, from my job, that there are many kids whose future is quite bleak. It makes you sick and sad when you meet these children who really have the deck stacked against them.

Yet, the Spokesman-Review continues to endorse political candidates and political positions that have a direct correlation to the crappy conditions that these kids find themselves in. Instead of changing their political stance to help these kids, they give us pinwheels.

It's much like the SUV drivin' folks who voted for Bush not once, but twice, and are directly responsible for sending our kids to war. They will put a made-in-china "support the troops" magnet on their SUV and call it good.

Spokane lost its yellow ribbon magnet factory back in '73, I believe.

In other countries, do you think they placate the masses with magnets, ribbons and pinwheels as an answer to real problems, or do they act with political resolve to fix the problem?

Sorry about the political rant. I know that's not why you read this cyber-rag, but I feel better now.


John Speare said...

Great post. I agree on the general message of the "trinketization" of major problems that should be solved with better policy and real money support -- that said, the SR does generate a bunch of money in their campaign... I've no idea where it goes or how much it is. That's a nit though, as your point around SR endorsements don't align with the pat-on-the-back-self-serving pinwheel stories they run daily.
Some buddies and I saw a sign on a car the other day: "I support the troops AND the war." f'ing weird man. I get the troops part, but how how how? can ANYONE who is also allowed to drive actually support this mess by now? How?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I see the pinwheels all over town , I wondered where thy all came from..

Anonymous said...

I felt better reading your post.
To me, the campaign has trivialized pinwheels, let alone children's needs and political issues. I have taught in Spokane public and private schools for over 25 years and am seeing more and more signs of abuse, poverty, consumerism, media dependency to define happiness and dwindling curiosity in my l0 year old students.
To me it takes a village to raise a child. That includes parents with jobs that pay a living wage, medical coverage and health care, school teachers, administrations and the policies they make and enforce, government (required testing, unfunded mandates, NCLB) and last, but definitely not least corporations that advocate consumerism over relationships and conservation of our families and environment have an important responsibility. .

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting and valued perspective from a year ago. I think it would be an interesting one to take with me to the debrief. I think it brings into view some under-the-surface issues that the committee of service providers(which has little real connection to the governance of the Spokesman) should be aware of.