Monday, January 26, 2009

Further Discussion on origin of CARTNE Video and some dancing music...

One commenter (commentator? common tater?) thinks that the CARTNE video (CARTNE Industries, El Segundo, CA) was manufactured by firemen at the Browne's Addition Fire Station. Could be. Those guys get bored sometimes.

Well, we went round and round on this, but one thing that came up in the conversation was the heroism, professionalism and dadaism of the firemen at what turns out to be Fire Station 3 (thank you Jacque).

I found this dance music that swept the nation - a techno Green Beret Ballad about the exploits of Spokane Fire Engine 3. No video, so you can iron to it and dance at the same time without losing your pressing focus.

Click on the title above or here to hear.


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