Friday, August 07, 2009


This is always a strange sight. Usually when the engine is gone, I've gone with it. So, I don't often get to see this.

Last shift change, the oncoming crew caught a run right out of the box. I was the only one still hanging out at the station from my shift. It had been a pretty busy day, about 12 runs before 10:30 PM. The worst of it was the six runs after 10:30 PM! At 4:30 AM we finally had our last run of the shift.

So, while part of me wished I was going on the latest adventure of Engine Three at 8 AM, most of me was glad to be relieved. As I hopped on my bike to head home, I took this picture.

The engine on the left is the new Engine One, basically stored at our station until the shop is ready to get it ready.


The Chihweenie said...

That is a great photo, and I am glad to know that someone who could get bittersweet about not having to risk their life for the public good is on the other end of the line should I ever need a fire put out. Thanks, man.

EvilElf said...

Thanks Chihweenie!