Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Sarah was running the day before yesterday and spotted a bald eagle soaring above High Drive. Yesterday, we went for a run and tried to go swimming on the loop back home, but the pool was full. So, instead we walked around Downtown, stopped at Merlyn's to say hello to John Waite and then walked home. Last night we had a great time at our neighbor's house, ringing in the new year.

Spokane is a great place. You can go for a walk and see a bald eagle, coyote, deer or moose and continue on the path for a movie or a great meal. If you stumble on the trail, you can provide a great meal for the fauna.

I am going to do something in 2010 with this photo I snapped in 2009:

I am not sure what, yet. I printed up t-shirts some years ago with this design:

At the time, the Tradewind's pool was full of shopping carts, debris and life aquatic. Sarah and I sometimes fantasize about the Tradewinds being a cool retro tiki kinda place to stay. Molly's across the street would make a fine tiki bar/restaurant too.

The old Tradewinds on N Division sports little in the way of Polynesia anymore. The Downtown Tradewinds sign and logo will probably go the way of the Downtowner's someday. Which is a shame. Here is a link to the Flickr page where I found this image. The photographer has done a great job capturing Spokane's disappearing signage.

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