Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am venturing into a realm I haven't been to for almost 20 years. With the 50K River Run approaching, I am slowly getting my mileage up. The past couple of runs, I even took water with me. This is something I have never done before. I stuck a water bottle in a pocket for a 15.5 mile run and then a couple of days ago I carried a bottle inside a fannypack (are they still called that?) for a 17 mile run.

I also carried some "sports gel." The plan was at 9 miles to taste a little of the gel and see how it made me feel. I've used this stuff a couple of times on long bike rides and was pretty amazed.

The bouncing water bottle in the pack kept opening up the pack's zipper and almost escaping. At mile nine, a thorough search proved that the sports gel had been ejected somewhere along the line. Bummer.

But, it did give me something to do on the eight miles home. I kept thinking I had found it. My stomach would feel hopeful, and then, time after time, it turned out to be a cigarette pack wrapper. Thank gawd I am not a smoker. This would have have been a double whammy.

This happened a lot. It was a fun diversion.

When I did find my sustenance, it was squished, and only about two miles from my house.

Luckily it was garbage day, so I was able to throw the pebbly carcass into someone's trashcan.

Yesterday I bought one of those bottle carrier dealios, so we'll see how that goes...


Hank said...

Hey, check out the postings on running ultras over at He has three "chapters" so far. The idea of slower being better kind of makes sense.

EvilElf said...

Thanks Hank, That guy has some good advice. I run slower than I used to.