Monday, April 19, 2010

50K River Run Done

Sarah leading the way. We stayed together the whole 31 miles.

I saw parts of Riverside State Park that I never knew existed. At one point we were all over Deep Creek, up on the rocks, down in the creek bed. Very cool. Lots of big hills in the first half.

Eventually, we realized we could walk up the hills about as fast as running up them, so we did. Took in lots of water, Heed and potatoes at every water stop. Tripped and fell down twice without injury, just a lot of rolling around, which actually felt pretty good at miles 28 and 30. My back was kind of stiff, and the impacts and subsequent thrashing about seemed to help.

This is probably the best run race I have ever participated in. Very well marked except for one spot near the end where some prankster had obviously removed the arrow. Nothing funnier after running 5 plus hours.

We took a breather midway and I changed my socks. Ike came up and told us he had placed First overall in the 10k. That was amazing and we talked a lot about that over the next 15.5 miles.

Beautiful day and a very great time with beautiful Sarah!


Spokane Al said...

Congratulations! What a great day for a race.

Pat S said...

Nice job with all your preparation and the actual run. The fact that you did the whole thing together is pretty damn cool and amazing. People don't realize or maybe they do, but it takes a lot of cooperation and effort for a couple to excercise together at the level you guys are doing it.

Great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Hank said...

Congratulations and awesome job! I know how much training goes into an effort like this. It's great that you two did it together.

You might want to give tandem cycling a try.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everybody!