Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sage Advice and Dining Invite at the 7th Rail...

Have cruised past this sign for over a week now and just noticed the "EAT HERE - FULL MENU" tag at the bottom.

Years ago, we had a guy in full cardiac arrest here. Luckily, this bar is really close to the station. We were there in seconds.

We were running the code (I wasn't a paramedic yet, but was riding the seat as the acting lieutenant) when the crowd was led in a chant proclaiming the patient's name over and over again - actually screaming it. There were cheers and I think someone started "the wave" around the perimeter. The medics were getting a little flummoxed. I had to ask the crowd to kind of keep it down a bit. There was resistance. I suggested that they think of this place not as a sports bar (which it was at the time) but more of a hospital operating room. Was cheering and clapping, whooping and hollering and "the wave" proper behavior in an operating room? That won them over.

More importantly, the guy was dead (not mostly but fully) and the medics brought him back. He is still with us today. I know we have had another save there too, on a different shift.

All to say, the 7th Rail has plenty of words to serve, no matter what your appetite. And if you eat too much, we're right around the corner.


John Speare said...

Dude. Clearly, the cheering and the wave saved the guy!

Jacque Hendrix said...

Oddly enough this place is in the running as a FBC Fiasco destination.