Friday, July 30, 2010

I apple Spokane. Today, Every Day... your vote is needed again!

Click on the image to see the cellphone picture in greater detail. I don't think I have seen more misspellings, grammatical errors and just plain head-scratchers in so few sentences. Starting in the third person, the prose makes an interesting switch to the first.

Look, I know I have made my share of writing errors. However, the money that was spent on the printing and the mailing of these postcards should have made someone think about a proofread or two.

Bob's not the only one. There are a lot of funny campaign ads here in Spokane. Al French's are really busy, with way too much information in too many fonts.

The best was one from many years ago when Steve Corker was running for city council. The picture showed him sitting at a desk talking on the phone cradled upon his neck. One hand was typing on a computer keyboard and the other was dialing a cellphone. He was surrounded by a lot of gadgets. I guess they wanted to show he was a multi-tasking mother. It's sad when you see this from a run-of-the-mill politician, but Steve was also, at the time, an adjunct professor of marketing at GU.

I'll see if I can find that flyer. I save all the funny ones. I am adding Bob Apple's to the file.

This election, Steve Salvatori has the most clueless sign campaign. Life-size full body shots of him in his jeans, cowboy boots and sport jacket. The angle of his copy is that he is not a politician, and he's about fixing problems not politics. Gee, what a bold statement. I wonder if he is anti-pothole and anti-taxes. Maybe he's against bureaucrats and commies too. One hopes he will "trim the fat," as well.

That nobody draws mustaches on his signs or blackens a tooth or two is an affirmation that Spokane is one of the most civil places in the world. At least this is something we can be proud of.

Hang on. I'm getting a robocall from the defender of keeping Christ in Christmas, the bullier of school children and the guy who drew the obvious similarities between gay marriage and bestiality - JOHN AHERN!! Yes, he want's his old job back. Man, I love this time of year!!!


Hank said...

A locally raised candidate, eh? Can't you get those at the Farmer's Market, too? That awful card must've been proofread over the phone.

Speaking of Salvatori, I notice his campaign signs tend to dominate empty businesses. I hope that's not a sign. This morning he was at the intersection of Monroe and Main waving at traffic while election helpers held up his signs for all to see.

EvilElf said...

Are you sure it just wasn't one of his signs with a mechanical arm attached. Robowaves?

Mark said...

Remember the controversy with Bob Apple when he owned the Comet Tavern in Hillyard? He couldn't keep people from stealing toilet paper( um, locking dispenser?)so you had to ask the bartender for the roll before you went to the bathroom. All levels of gross. So yeah, he's a real problem solver.