Sunday, June 19, 2011

The slimy underbelly of organic gardening...

Every year the vegetable garden slug infestation gets worst. These slugs are usually no more than an eighth of an inch long. Some have gotten as big as about half an inch. Yet, there are hundreds of them, and by the end of the growing season, they have trashed the garden.

I have tried beer in saucers, wet newspapers, diatomaceous earth, insecticidal soap. These methods get a few. I think the diatomaceous earth dustings might have saved the green beans this year.

So the other morning, I had my face buried in the peas. A nice couple walked by and asked if I was talking to my plants to help them grow. I replied, "No I am squishing slugs." And then popped one right then and there.

A reminder to my vegetarian friends that, even though organic veganism is certainly the most ethical way to eat, there are still plenty of animal casualties. This squishing brings me no joy, and is unpleasant for all parties including you who are now reading this blog.

Every morning I do this. Every morning the fields run green with the guts of gazillions of gastropods.


Mark said...

Try some SLUGGO, it is OMRI certified and seems to work pretty well.

EvilElf said...

Mark, Funny you should mention this product. I just found it on Amazon before I saw your comment but it looks like they sell it at the Ace Hardware, so I am heading out right now to pick some up. Thanks for your recommendation!

Spokane Al said...

My wife goes out and carefully applies some salt to each one of the migratory critters.

EvilElf said...

They were out of the sluggo, so I bought some other organic stuff. We'll see how it works!

Good idea about the salt!

Rachel said...

Have you tried crushed up eggshells?

I was going to try that this year, but either the raised beds or the bird netting over the top seems to have dispelled all of the slugs this year, so I never did.