Monday, October 24, 2011

This and that

I guess it is a good sign that I haven't posted much lately. Been busy with some fun projects and living the good life. Weekends have been particularly nice. Sarah and I have been really having fun, and we've been getting to and from the fun on foot or by bicycle, as usual. And this time of year is pretty hard to beat the sheer beauty that is Spokane.

In no particular order, some highlights:

Sekani trail run - Got off work and then Sarah and I biked past Upriver Dam for this event. And guess who took first for her age group for both men and women. That's right - Sarah won! After we biked home, we walked to Aunties for a book reading by the author of The Man Who Never Died - a book about Joe Hill, an instrumental member of the IWW. Much of the story takes place in Spokane, so the author, William Adler, was pretty happy to be here, especially with all the Occupy stuff going on. Beers downtown.

Half a turkey on sale at Rosauers. Look what the Big Green Egg can do! Had great meals all the last week (OK some of them I cooked at work). We were invited over to friends for a really fun evening on Thursday. WOW - a great meal and fantastic conviviality in their very spookified, beautiful home. Again, a long autumnal walk each way. Nice!

A couple of weeks ago, a sister firefighter put on a benefit for one of our members who was recently diagnosed with cancer - a tricycle race. If you have never been to one of these, you can watch an entire race, on this video. Very cool!

Sarah and I try to support the local wine scene by belonging to some Spokane wine clubs. Whitestone and Barrister had release parties last Friday. So again, another walk downtown.

If you get a chance, ride your bike down Manito Blvd, around Manito Park and then walk around Cannon Hill Park. Amazingly beautiful. Also, Cannon Hill Pond is beginning to see some of the less common species of ducks as they migrate south.

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