Sunday, November 06, 2011

Is it just me or can you tell a lot about a candidate and his supporters by where they place their signs?

Of course, Steve Salvatori really has the vacant lot campaign sign market cornered. Ever wonder what the Spokane Entrepreneurial Center is that Steve founded? It's vacant building property he's trying to rent. Sigh...

Now, the owners of this house on High Drive have a hedge around their home so the riff raff cannot gaze upon its opulence. So how do you get us to see their yard sign when you can't see their yard? Easy! Just put up a ladder upon which you can affix your Condon (nonpartisan) sign. Any guesses on who their school board choice is? How about Prop One or the Costco liquor initiative?

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. Your followers have placed your signs on the parkland running up and down the middle of Manito Boulevard. I thought about reporting this illegal sign placement. But, you know, I think it speaks volumes. Maybe this sign is just a warning to the smart-alecky trees!


Spokane Al said...

And I suppose one can tell a lot about a voter by reading his/her blog perspective on the different candidates' sign placements and other issues facing local voters.

EvilElf said...

So, it is just me? Touche!