Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Mouse in 3D!!!

The story of Santa Mouse is one that goes back 44 years. It is a classic tale of redemption, revenge, eggnog and electricity. I don't have time to tell it right now. However, if you cross your eyes just enough, and stare at the picture, Santa Mouse will take on 3Dness. If you click the picture, it will show up larger. That might help.

What you are trying to do is create a 3rd picture in the middle of these two, and that one will be in 3D.

Just spent some time with my Viewmaster and some 60s reels of the Badlands and Colorado skiing. Awesome!


Pat S said...

I did everything you said and still didn't go into 3D mode and I have a headache now. But I still believe in Santa Mouse even though I don't know the story. I truly want to believe, but part of me must not be ready to accept.

EvilElf said...

Sorry Pat! When I was first introduced to this type of 3D image, I was crossing my eyes too much. It's a pretty gradual effort, just enough to get a third image in the middle which you focus on to get the 3d effect. Now, for the magic eye stuff, I hardly ever could get those to work!