Monday, February 13, 2012

Still swimming a lot.

Plan on hitting the 100 mile mark before St. Patrick's Day. Did a 4 mile swim last week. That's 287 flipturns - one after the other, after the other, ad nauseum. I really don't stop until I am done, unless I need to drink some supplement. I haven't used any flippers, floats or paddles in this endeavor. Most of the weeks, I put in 12 miles or more.

I would like to do a 10k sometime. Maybe in a couple of weeks. It would take me a little less than 4 hours, I think, to do the 6.2 miles.

A couple of weeks ago on another long swim, for just a second, I thought I saw a black cat running across the bottom of the deep end. That was at the three and a half mile mark. Tried to find a picture of what I saw on the Interwebs. This is close:


Pat S said...

I've been contemplating a future that inevitably includes swimming. The excitement is hard to describe. Especially when I hear statements like this: "That's 287 flipturns - one after the other, after the other, ad nauseum."

About the one and only thing I can think of that would make it bearable would be mermaids. Do you ever see them, as opposed to cats?

EvilElf said...

This future you are contemplating, Pat. Does it includes swimming because of an apocalyptic vision? Melting ice packs?

Did you ever read the Dune novels? Lately, I feel like a Guild Navigator in the pool. Floating, folding space and taking names.

Haven't seen any mermaids. I think if I did, they would be the scary kind - like in this (1:31)