Sunday, March 04, 2012

New shoes

I have not been a very good blogger lately. Really, there hasn't been too much to write about. I know. That hasn't stopped me in the past.

Still swimming - a lot. In fact, I have been putting in some absurdly long swims. The other day I swam for 3 hours straight, stopping only long enough to drink some Ultima to keep from cramping up. Sometimes I feel like a third-stage guild navigator.

And on that note, a few year back, I started getting into the minimalist shoe deal.

I tried to buy some minimalist running shoes at Runner's Soul back then, and was told they would never carry 5 -Fingers or any other shoe like it because they didn't think there was a market for it.

Yesterday, I was in the locker room, having just finished swimming and folding space, and I ran into a fellow I haven't seen in about 12 years. He told me he was reading Born to Run and this was inspiring him to get back into running again. A few minutes later, my son texted me that he was off to buy some new running shoes. I have been procrastinating about getting myself new shoes, but I thought that there seemed to be some cosmic shoe plan for me after these two conversations, so I walked over to Runner's Soul.

It's obvious that Runner's Soul has seen the light regarding minimalist shoes. Wow. A lot to choose from. I picked out the New Balance Trail Minimus. I ran with them today.

The soul on these shoes is thick enough that you won't be hobbled by a rock or an acorn, yet you will be able to feel all kind of craziness underfoot. They are light- weighing somewhere between the Pankas and the most minimalist trail shoe you could purchase two years ago. A lot of my running lately has been to work and back, with a backpack full of stuff, and these should work well for this.

I Paid $100 for these shoes, but it looks like you can pick them up online for about $70. I like buying at Runner's Soul whenever I can, so I did. Many New Balance shoes are made in the USA. However, all the interesting ones are made in China. Sigh.

I like these shoes. They will be replacing my full-suspension running shoes, not my paper-thin Pankas! The Pankas, after liberal shoe-gooing, are still going strong.


Hank Greer said...

I just replaced my Vibram Bikilas yesterday. After 18 months they were worn pretty thin. And they stink something awful. If ever there was an incentive for running barefoot, it's gagging on the rank odor coming from a well-worn pair of minimalist footwear.

See you at the River Run?

EvilElf said...

Hank, I plan on being there. I don't think I will be very fast this year!

I have to admit, I really like wearing socks with my shoes! Probably why I never bought a pair of five fingers.