Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Fishing yesterday

Adding to the list of biking, running, swimming, ukuleling, I've really gotten back into fishing. For years, I've been fishing out of a canoe. This year, I started reading up on kayak fishing. I got a really good deal on a kayak that was pretty much all set up for fishing. Wow, so much better than the canoe!

A very relaxing ways to spend some time. You sit right on top of the water. For some reason the sky looks extremely big. And the logistics of landing a fish become a little more interesting in a kayak.

Been doing pretty well as far as catching fish from the kayak, and yesterday was no exception.

A month or so ago, I spent a day practicing falling off and getting back on the kayak. Up until yesterday, I've been wearing a wetsuit on my forays. Eventually, I would like to get comfortable enough to go on the ocean and fish. 

On second thought...

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