Friday, February 08, 2013

Keeping summer going...

These next couple months, if I were wealthy, would be the months I would point the private jet south and vacate Spokane. It's that late-winter/early-spring weather and lack of light that seem to kick me in the head every year. A few years ago, I built the sauna to help out during this time, and it's been nice. This year, I tried some new tactics and techniques.  They seem to have really made a difference. Here's a product that I would recommend.

The Philips wake-up light is a $75 gizmo that, according to perhaps apocryphal Internet reviews, does as good a job as expensive light therapy lamps to combat the winter onslaught. The concept is fairly simple. If you want to get up at 6 a.m., the light starts to come on at 5:30 and gradually increases to full illumination at 6. Then the light stays on, and you have a traditional alarm,  radio or the sound of chirping birds. I opt for the chirping birds.

After I bought this, I realized I probably should have consulted Sarah first. But, as luck would have it, she had been thinking of us getting one as well.

The light inside the dome is halogen. I have been slowly getting us switched over to LEDs, all over the house. However, the halogen light seems to have a sunshine like quality to it - a very warm color. So, no plans to swap it out.

I can say that this winter I seem to have more energy and a better outlook compared to other years. Sarah says she feels the same way. Placebo effect? Maybe. I'll take it.

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