Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank Gawd.

My Rosauers has always had a free horse ride outside its doors. One that looked like this:
Then, a while back it broke down. They replaced it with this thing that played some inane song while kids rode in its carved out carcass. What was the song? I wish I could remember. Puff the Magic Dragon? White Rabbit? Whatever. I hadn't yet aken a picture of it, but I found this here:

I believe this is a photograph of what replaced the mechanical horse of yore. Maybe it's not a dragon. Could be a dinosaur with mumps or a tobacco-chewing Loch Ness monster. Either way, a kid gets to sit on its eviscerated spine. A bow tie and a baseball cap? Something Charles Krauthammer would wear. Happy to see that sanity again prevailed and now there's this instead:
This might be even better than the horse. I mean look at the horns on this thing. And those hooves! I haven't seen it in action. Those hooves and horns had to have messed up someone by now. I would ride it, but if it buckled under my weight,  we might end up with this:
found here.

It would still be better than the chubby-cheeked thing.

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