Monday, December 16, 2013

Last school hat

I finally got around to making Kirk's hat. For some reason I thought EWU's colors were red and black. Can you figure out when I finally looked it up and discovered that they are really red and white? I graduated from Eastern, as well, and I didn't remember.

So now it looks like some kind of Rastafarian Santa cap. Well, I guess that will work for a couple of weeks. It's my first conical hat that I've made. I think I might go back to fezs for a while. Or maybe just stop.

I have taken a little break in crocheting because I am resurrecting a project that I completed and then lost back in 1997 or 1998. I think it should be ready in a couple of days. It is an endeavor of the writing variety and I have been working hard at it for the last month or so.

I have a backlog of crap that I halfway launched and never followed through on. Now that my days as part of our union's leadership are waning, I am moving ahead full steam on finishing these projects and making a list of new ones to start.

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