Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cashing in.

Perhaps you have heard that the ponderosa pine is now Spokane's official tree. Shortly after this announcement, several of my neighbors began cutting theirs down. Perhaps to make commemorative plaques.

Our old house on the north side of town was 840 square feet. It was on a very busy street. But, in the front yard were two towering trees. One was a cedar. The other was a fir. These trees made the house look like a little cabin. A couple of years ago they were taken out. Now, it's a bleak little house. I really like trees. I also understand that sometimes they have to go.

We've taken a lot of trees out of our current yard, mostly maple. The arborists who have done the work have also trimmed up our remaining trees so there is less chance of them crashing into our home during a windstorm.

When I see a bunch of trees on several properties getting cut down at the same time, I wonder if the homeowners were scared into doing this by the tree trimmers. I've never had this happen, but have you ever been approached by a company who told you your trees were likely to fall into your home and should be removed? I often wonder if this was what happened to the trees at our old house.

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