Thursday, July 03, 2014

Great deal on lump charcoal!

OK. Really, I just want to brag that I rode 40 pounds of charcoal up the hill from the hardware store (which is probably not even a half mile away). But, it was hooooootttt (said whiningly).

When Ace has lump charcoal on sale, it is time to buy, Usually, it's $15. On sale - $10. And it's been years since I have found any dimensional lumber charcoal in the bag. Although the t and g charcoal always made for a very neat fire.

I will not admit that I am getting old, but I have started dipping into the smallest sprocket up front when carrying loads up hills. Can an electric assist motor be far behind?


John Speare said...

i've found lump charcoal to be a fast, hot burn when compared to the traditional briquets. the last stuff i tried from Trader joe's was ridiculous... is the ACE stuff a bit slower?

EvilElf said...

Hi John! I think briquettes burn slower because there is always some filler in them to help them get molded into their shape. The Ace lump has a good smokiness to it.. And you never know how big some of the chunks will be. This last bag had some about seven inches in diameter. They broke into smaller pieces pretty easily. If you want a little to try, stop by and I will give you some.