Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Priest Lake Good Times!

Spent most of last week in a cabin at Priest Lake. We get a pretty good deal on a nice place with an access to the beach at Steamboat Bay. The water was about 72 degrees by the time we left and the sand at the beach is the best.

I like Priest Lake. I think everyone does. It still amazes me though how expensive property is in the area. It's nice, but really, is it that nice? And it's going to get even more expensive - really fast. The cabin we stayed at is on deeded land. Most aren't.

To be a realtor at Priest Lake these days must be like winning the lottery. So many cabins are on land that was formerly rented out to the cabin owners by the state. These cabins have been passed down from one middle class generation to the next. Now, the state is selling the land. And many ancestral homes are being auctioned off to people from very far away, people who probably already have two or three similar cabins across the world, not to mention yachts and million dollar motor homes. Their private jets will probably have to land in Sandpoint because the landing strips around Priest Lake are not long enough. Kinda sad. Hopefully they have a pontoon boat that they can taxi up to their docks with. More than likely, they probably won't be making it out there too often. Too many choices!

If you want to see how the middle class used to live in the USA, Priest Lake is a good place to go. Nice sand too.

 The stage is set - Skipbo, Star Trek Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic await!

This usual early morning kayak fishing expedition finally netted me a fish. I looked at him. He looked at me. I think we recognized each other from last year. Swim on!

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