Friday, January 30, 2015

Freezing Fog Forces Faineance

I have been enjoying the fog while running. It makes things a little more mysterious and interesting. Just what you need for long runs.

A few days ago I took this picture while out on a 12 miler. The Centennial Trail was completely clear of ice until crossing under TJ Meenach Bridge. Then it became a very slippery path. I finally got off below SFCC. This morning I ran home from work. There were occasional icy spots on the pavement and sidewalks. Some sidewalks were more icy than others. For some reason, really new sidewalks are a lot icier than old ones. Maybe they are still in the process of losing moisture still - months after their pour.

I need to get another five miles or so in today. I am using the weather as an awesome procrastination tool. Not near icy enough to warrant spikey galoshes. I will wait as long as it takes or until I am too hungry.

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