Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcome Sasquan!

The world science fiction convention is in Spokane this weekend! Incredible. This is where they pick the HUGO winner!
 I dedicate this Haiku Friday to you science fiction fans who gather here in Spokane - Happy Sasquan!

Love Science fiction
Raised by writers of my youth
Stars to steer my life

There’s Ray Bradbury
Vonnegut, Arthur C. Clark
Asimov, Herbert

Do you like them boiled?
Brooklet peanut festival. 
Nutty place to be. Joel

Pale skin and black mane.
Punching Doc Martin princess.
Ghostly butt kicker. Joey

I don't get this post.
The message is lost on me.
I'm out of the loop. - Bob

The party is now over
Formerly young men return to their lives
Only the lonely souls remain … Scott

Spokane Engine One...
To the 'Mill as water flows,
Butterfly immersed. Kelly

 "Let's make a movie. One second, twenty four frames. You, me, and our friends.” Steve

"Oooo! I can't get my hair wet"........

Quiet solitude
Of late afternoon showers;
Gift from vanity - Craig

Confused bees ponder
Poppy boings from painted lawn
Nectar of the clowns - me

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