Saturday, May 14, 2016

Been a little while...

As usual, being busy and having something to write about means not having much time to write. There's a lot going on. In no apparent order:
I built some new boxes for the garden. Going to put a little patio behind the new ones. Plan on making it from whatever scrap I can find around the backyard. Stay tuned.
The torn up Monroe Street hill had a lot of cool old sewer pipes!
The new grandsons are getting big!
So are the sons.
Sarah and I are doing more trail running. We were out at Heyburn State Park for a Trail Maniacs run and party. A lot of fun! We will be doing more of those!
The kitchen remodel continues. And continues...
Gots me a new helmet!
Work has been really busy. If the last few weeks are any indication, we will be really busy at work once it really warms up. Some other interesting (weird/good/scary) things happening too. I am not going to report on that right now! 

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