Friday, December 16, 2016

Haiku Friday

OK. I have written a lot lately for this post, but I don't like any of it, so I didn't post any of it. What I did like was this morning's Haiku Friday, so I am posting this. Cheers!

Haiku Friday, December 16,  2016

Dead cell phone walking.
No place to recharge my mind.
Flippity bong bonk.- Joel                 

        I called the White House
           To complain about that Trump
                 The line was busy

        Headlights shine so bright,
  reflecting off snow and ice;
    each of us alone. --Stine

    Polska Kielbasa.
  What else could you want? Maybe
    some vegetables? --Stine

Challenging future
Often so overwhelming
Requires patient work - Bob

Repeating cycles
Our nation - wreck, recover
Addiction hides truth - Me

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