Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Spokane Area Faithful Dwindling

Spokane Area Faithful Dwindling
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I knew that there are less and less people going to church, but I didn't know that even the Jack-O-Lantern Day Saints are seeing their numbers decrease. Perhaps the pews are empty because the sacrifice has just been made.

Before I go too far down this road, let me squash any rumors by saying this is Penelope the Pumpkin. She is up at Hidden Acres in Green Bluff (look for the signs, it's easy to find). Kids can talk to Penelope and she'll talk back! I don't know why there's a fence. I bet there's a good story about that, huh?

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~J~MoNeY said...

Well being a true Jack-o-lantern-day-saint I was appalled at the lasted turnout. There was word that the Frankenstiens were supposedly going to attack our home land of Pumpkanin.