Thursday, October 07, 2004


A vulture
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Received a really nice e-mail from the fellow who was trawling for a housekeeper with a Geo (a few posts back). He says he secured a very nice student to clean his house in exchange for laundry rights and Geo capabilities. As a Geo driver myself, I would say that's a good trade for both parties. Another cool thing about Vulture Boy is that he is, among other things, the dreaded Doomsday Vulture! For nonspokanites (NSPKNs) - every year, we have a huge (the largest, I believe) timed footrace called Bloomsday. It's about 7 and a half miles long. Towards the end, there is a big ass, half mile hill (Pettet Drive). And perched above this hill is the Doomsday Vulture, aka Vulture Boy. He is the recipient of tens of thousands of high-fives as the 50,000 or so folks reach the top of the hill. Thanks Vulture Boy for the good words and the apt reminder of our own mortality.

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