Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fish Lake Trail in Fall...

Promised Aidan last week that we would do the Fish Lake Trail this weekend. This morning, he stumbled out of bed, looked out the window and scratched himself. It looked like it would either rain or snow. I thought to myself - I'm off the hook. He won't want to bike in this! Was I wrong. "We're still doing Fish Lake, right Dad?" He would have none of it. I even offered a different shorter ride.

The Rosauer's billboard read 42 degrees. Luckily, we were well provisioned with hot tea and chocolate. We rode through Vinegar Flats across 195, Marshall Road and then on to the trail. This was Aidan's first time on the Fish Lake Trail.

We went 10 miles past Marshall and the "tunnel." A little tea and hot chocolate and we turned around and headed home, up the hill and back home.

It seems to me that there is more pavement on the trail than last year, but it could just be my imagination. I kinda like the different toppings. There aren't very many people on the trail.

Maybe one more (trip out to Cheney have a couple of beers and turn around) before the snow flies.

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SpokaneMama said...

Just curious how to get to this trail. It looks really fun. We are relatively new to the area and don't know all the cool trails for biking with kids. We do live along Riverside State Park...that's a fun one to do from our house. Do you have other suggestions? I'd love the advice.