Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloweenies Beware!

Friends of mine have a couple of these signs up at their front door. Sorry about cutting off the bottom of the picture, The sign reads: "Halloweenies Beware! (and then the descriptive list) Grandparents reside on the premises.

This is fair warning to all trick-or-treaters that they are receiving candy from:

Left wing, flaming liberal, bleeding heart, one worlding, government trusting, union supporting, peace marching, patriotic, tree hugging, PBS and NPR belonging, citzen activist, pointy-headed, neighborly, long memoried, radically Catholic


Scary! Sends chills down my spine!

I would suspect liberal amounts of candy from these folks...

Handouts, handouts, handouts. When will it end? Probably around 9 pm on October 31st.

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