Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Icy, cold and fun...

Went to work yesterday at the usual 6:45, and came back this morning at about 8:30. The only place where the bike started to come out from under me was on 15th - both days.

It was the usual core temperature overheating but the appendages numb from cold.

I had to peddle up Monroe this morning. On Friday, I took the usual route home after a pediatric advanced life support class (which was really good by the way). I started spinning out where Lincoln hits Cliff. So I figured it was time to start the winter route up the hill.

It was about 7 degrees this morning. The river looked great. It is frosting up a lot of stuff. And it is certainly worth it to take a look. You can go to Riverfront Park and see what's left of the old light display from Qualchan - just the waving snowman up against the west end of the Imax. It always greets me, in its defunct and lit-up way, on my way to work. Thank you. I salute YOU. You are a survivor. Namaste.

I could've taken some great pictures. But, I didn't. I was pretty much fixated upon my home coming and the pre-heated sauna (thanks Sarah) which awaited. So instead, here's a picture of me at journey's end. Whooptyfriggendo!

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John Speare said...

Good post. The last few days I've been wanting to take a photo -- like last night: the glare of the ice at 17th and Madison under the street light at about 7 pm -- but, I'm too intent on getting home to the warmth. Maybe I'll dig out the helmet cam Liza gave me last year and try that approach.
I've got numb fingers too. No mitten works for me. And my commute is only about 25 minutes!