Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Record snowfall "impacts" tikis!

Man, I hate when the TV news uses the word "impact/s" like I just did. Although, this isn't as bad as the other night when they were devoting every minute of the news to tell us how to survive when there is snow on the ground. The term "wintry mix" was used a lot. What the hell is a wintry mix? Chex Mix? Remember the old "snow event" term that the TV news would use, instead of just saying "snow" a few years back? I guess that's out of fashion... for now.

Well, after devoting an entire week's worth of news telling us to carry a blanket in our car or how pets' water can freeze when it's cold, the TV news' valiant efforts were wasted, when Saturday's eleven inches of snow didn't arrive. I wonder what local news we were deprived of due to their courageous efforts to prepare us for the megastorm. Perhaps a shampoo comparison or a puppies-are-cute segment.

They hedged their bets this time ( one to three inches)and we got clobbered today with ten inches (so far) of snow. I don't blame the weather people. Spokane is a pretty tough call. But, when the weather (no matter what it is) becomes the lead story night after night... arggggghhh!!

All to say - The tikis in my backyard are being buried! The tiki pond is still functioning (kind of). I don't know how long it will last. It's looking grim. Please send media coverage immediately! I also have a mini dachshund that doesn't like to shit in snow over her head, a cat that is mean and a parrot that is very nice. It sounds like some on-going coverage to me.

Some years ago, one of the local stations reviewed some office Christmas Party tips. There were slick graphics and funky music too. The tips you ask?

1. Remember to mingle.

2. Dress appropriately.

3. Don't drink too much.

I'm not kidding.

And there you have it. Now you don't need to watch this segment, when they re-invent it again this year.

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