Friday, February 20, 2009

David Byrne - Last night...

The cellphone camera picture is not so good.

It's clear enough that you can tell there were a lot of bald heads and thinning gray hair, including mine. The Fox Theater looked great. And it was a beautiful show. Dancers, great lighting, awesome music. I always think that when big acts come to our town, they must leave a little surprised that the venue is so classy, and the audience is so into what they're doing and appreciative.

I know David Byrne has been here before and enjoyed Spokane. Some of the band looked a little surprised, though. I mean they got a standing ovation before they even started. By the end of the night, they sure deserved it. It probably helped that The Fox was selling Geritol shots in the lobby.

Here's a video from a bygone era. Last night, they performed this number whilst wearing tutus.

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