Friday, February 20, 2009

Rosauers Clock/Thermometer Out But Not Down...

Talked to Steve, the manager (thanks to Steve, by the way, for the loan of the shopping cart for CARTNE's triumphant comeback video). Steve says that it's a company on the east coast that fixes the sign. Usually, they do it via remote. Steve's bugged them a couple of times to fix it, but so far, no fix. He was going to call them again.

I really like this sign. When I go to work in the cold, dark morning, I like to compare the actual temperature to how cold I feel on the bicycle. There is sometimes little correlation. I've missed it. It seems like a month since it's been out, but with no reliable way to mark the time/days, I don't know. I was worried that this landmark was going to go the way of Compusa.


Jacque Hendrix said...

Speaking of CARTNE, I saw some lame fire engine at Sacred Heart on it the other day. It had E3 on it. I asked the CO where CARTNE was and he related the call involved actual blood.

I mean hey, what's up with that?

How will the company that makes CARTNE ever survive?

John Speare said...

Yeah. it sucks that this sign it out.

I like it in the summer on hot days when it reads the temp based on the hot hood vents pushing heat out of the picabu kitchen: you regularly get readings of 100+ on warmish days.

EvilElf said...

Hah! That was you, Jacque, at SHMC!

I was sitting in the back when you asked Jack about CARTNE. That was hilarious.I didn't know you worked there too. You are everywhere, man!

I will look for you next time.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Shhh, I was undercover. SHMC doesn't know who I *really* am.

Actually I live just up the block on Rockwood and applied there on whim thinking it would be fun to work there. It is.

Couldn't resist yakking with E3 about it when I saw them there.

Next time you're in the ER ask for me.