Tuesday, March 03, 2009

UFO Phil - March 14th at the Magic Lantern!

In between the many "emergency" responses at night, I would often listen to AM Coast to Coast with George Noory / Art Bell. There were a couple of us (Ok it was just me and Chucky) who would have radios stashed under our pillows in the bunkhouse. When the alarm went off, we would often compare notes on our way to an athletes foot emergency.

One of our favorite callers into the show was UFO Phil. His astute observations and panache were sure-fired conversation starters.

I had heard rumors that UFOP lived around here. It makes sense, especially since Mel, of Mel's Hole, is rumored to be from Yakima (I know Wikipedia says Ellensburg). No wonder they made so many X-Files episodes in the Pacific Northwest. I watched the first five minutes of this documentary and it sounds like UFO Phil lives around (in or around) Mt. Spokane!!

My entire family is ready for this movie. I can barely wait. It's on the internet already, but I am going to deprive myself so I can see it on the big(ger) screen.

Counting the days!!!


Jacque Hendrix said...

Were you at SHMC on Tuesday? E-3 was here but I don't even know your name to ask for you.

How about putting together a bike ride to come and see the movie?

UFO Phil said...

Thanks for checking out our movie! - UFO Phil