Sunday, March 15, 2009

UFO Phil Triumphs!!

What a great night! Met Jacque at the Baby bar. There were other UFO Phil revelers gathered, but we didn't know them and they didn't know us, so we had no way of knowing they were with us. Even though the Baby Bar is a smallish place, there are many interdimensions, apparently.

We had a couple beers and then biked down to the show, where Sarah and the boys were waiting. UFO Phil was in the lobby, working the crowd.

The show started and what a show it was. There was a Q and A session at the end where I was able to ask a question that has plagued my family for years (probably yours too).

"Is George Noory (the host of AM Coast to Coast) really a computer generated disembodied voice, as some have suggested?"

UFO Phil was kind of evasive. I can't say that I blame him. He is in deep with a lot of technological experimenting - the kind of stuff the general public (ignorant villagers) seem to be very afraid of. I left with the impression that if Noory is a computer, he is not malevolent, which is about all any of us can ask for. I know when to quit asking questions. And I did (quit).

After the movie, Jacque pedaled off to another event, and I pedaled home. It was raining pretty hard - prime abduction weather, in my book. I was more scared of the green, Keystone-ice -fueled St Patrick's Day Zombie motorists, however.


Les Michaels said...

That would be a great photo if it wasn't for the freaky yellow and blue guy in the middle.

EvilElf said...

Ouch. I hope he doesn't read your comment.

It's kind of weird how there's light coming off of him. My wife might have had the camera set to pick up X-rays (it's a 2001 coolpix 4300). Sometimes that happens. The dial is confusing.

My right side is a little itchy today too.

Anonymous said...

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