Friday, July 17, 2009

Fill out the survey for healthcare reform!

I subscribe to receive our representative Cathy McMorris' emails. It helps boost my low blood pressure.

I don't want this blog to become too political, but if you care an iota about health care reform, you should fill out her form here to let her know what you think. Do I think if 99% of us are opposed to her position, it will make a difference? No. Not yet, anyway. Fill it out regardless, so she can know how wrong she is. Plus, you will love the awesome survey at the end. Can anyone be more childishly blatant? Is it my imagination or are they getting more ridiculous?

She has definitely been given her marching orders. I envy the easiness of her job. "Here is what you need to say. Just say it." Over and over again. Unbelievably sickening.


Hank said...

I didn't receive that email. She must've taken me off the list--again. That survey is a hoot. I told her my thoughts and I'm subscribed to her emails again.

Not that either will make a difference.

The Spovangelist said...

I salute you dabbling in politics. There are many important topics out there and one blogger simply can't cover them all.

I think it is good to share the burden of all the wild things that go on, both locally and nationally.