Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spokane's Engine Three 39th Busiest in the Nation!

According to FireHouse Magazine, anyway. What's really amazing was that the Spokane Fire Department was up pretty high in the rankings for overall runs, as well. I can't remember the number, but Spokane Fire has more "emergency" calls than a lot of bigger cities.

That's right, Engine Three with 3,705 runs last year, was busier than Seattle's or Tacoma's busiest engine. E-15 (Wellesley and Crestline) was right on our heels too.

Here's something the Spokesman-Review won't tell you about the Spokane Fire Department - we respond to more emergencies, with far fewer crews, with far less funding than any comparable city's fire department. I believe compared to Tacoma, Spokane has a fourth less firefighters and a third less funding and yet we respond to more calls - good news for those of us who pay taxes for Spokane services - unless there is ever a very major catastrophe here. Then we would be wishing we had the staffing Tacoma and other cities have.

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