Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling like a footloose Marlin Perkins...

Had a very fun run yesterday. It was a long, slow one so I took a few pictures. Was down on the north bank of the river between TJ Meenach and Sans Souci when I happened upon these tracks leading down to the river:
Anybody know what the story is here? They don't look very old, but who knows.

Great foggy vistas:

Turkeys. What a life. Hang out near the river during the day and then migrate over to Bong's Grocery for some Keystone Ice and Twinkie remnants at night. Like to see a bald eagle do that. Benjamin Franklin was right when he wanted the scrappy turkey to be our national symbol.

Don't forget the Photoshop contest!


Jacque Hendrix said...

I'd guess the tracks are from Natatorium Park.

EvilElf said...

Too far from Nat Park, I think, Jacque. Unless someone dumped them there after the park was dismantled. That may be a likely scenario. Maybe that's what you're saying. They do look about the right size for some kind of ride.

We go to Sans Souci all the time. There is still a little of Nat Park to be seen there!

I've got the Nat Park book, I will have to do a little perusing today.