Monday, August 23, 2010

Badger Lake O'er Nighter

Thanks to John for another great trip out to Badger Lake and into uncharted territory. If you want to read a really good account of the trip, go here.

I decided to outfit the Masi for camping. Last year, I used the XtraCycle, which was really heavy but had a much lower center of gravity. I fell down this year.... a lot.

Pulling in to the Fish Lake Trailhead.

The smoking incident.

Securing provisions at the grocery store in Cheney. Glen noticed they had the smallest produce section of any grocery store he had been in. Conversely, they had the usual, standard refrigerator of beer and then an auxiliary living-room-sized, walk-in cooler of beer. This store has its priorities straight.

Sharing a laugh whilst contemplating the impending nightfall.

And onward.

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