Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When I was in third grade, I hit the zenith of my fashion sensibility. My third grade photo shows bucktooth me sporting a green paisley shirt with an orange dickie. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically the business end of a turtleneck with no arms, and really no front or back beside the minimal fabric that will show inside the front of a button down shirt. Back in the day, there were no Walmarts. Clothes were expensive because the people who made them raised their families on their wages, right here in the USA. So, if you could get by with just the part of the turtleneck that showed, you did.

Anyway, for some reason, my fashion sense quickly faded shortly after the dickie/paisley combo. Maybe it was the beatings by classmates. Some of the girls were pretty tough. All I know, is I outgrew that shirt, and that was that. And now here I am typing, wearing a torn Spokane Zombie T-Shirt and a sportkilt that really needs to be washed. And I gotta tell you, I really don't like any part of a turtleneck anymore. They feel tight on my neck and they look shitty on me. Plus, if you can't find your shirt at Boo Radley's or Fish Respectin' maybe you should think twice about a new one anyhow. That's where I was.

Sarah gave me a shot at redemption the other day. She offered to make me a shop apron for working on the bikes. I have been wearing a regular BBQ apron and it allows about 3" of kilt exposure. Sometimes, grease finds those 3". For Sarah to do this was a pretty neat thing. She isn't really into sewing that much, even though she is extremely good at it and has made some cool things. If she could grow me a shop apron in her flower gardens, she would, but she offered to sew one, and I took her up on it.

So, here is the material:

And the apron turned out great!

At the fabric store, I noticed that they had more black velveteen being unloaded. Could it be that some more black velvet paintings are being created here? This could put Spokane solidly on the art map. I have a new BV canvas stretched, but I've been trying to learn me some water color pencil chops first. Been working on some trauma inspired poetry and watercolor combos. It is very cathartic.


Maybe some bicycle chaps next? Maybe I'm pressing my luck?


Pat S said...

Thank you for including the explanation of the orange dickie. It came as a relief. For just a split second, all us readers had a way different image of your third grade photo.

Hank said...

Congratulations on using "dickie", "chaps", "paisley", "turtleneck", "about 3 inches of kilt exposure" and "velveteen" all in the same post.

>"Maybe I'm pressing my luck?"


EvilElf said...

Hey. Just saw that Orange Dickie is a new flavor of ice cream at The Scoop.