Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bloomsday 2011

Very happy and surprised with this year's time. Turns out I was the 15th fastest 50 year-old overall and the fifth fastest from Spokane. Yippeee! I owe it all to clean livin'.

Sarah did really well too, so did Ike who kinda jogged it this year. Aidan slept in like a champ.

The end of the race was a big party - a blast. For all the Bloomsday haters (you know you are out there), it's worth coming to the finish line and the park just for the party.

Sarah and I cleaned up and had brunch and beer which was quite delicious, I must say (channeling Ed Grimley).

I have to admit I am still feeling really wiped out, sore and that my brain is not firing on all cylinders yet.

The really cool thing is I can start riding my bicycle in earnest again. I haven't been on any fun rides, other than commuting, this year. And I haven't even been doing that since moving to my neighborhood station for a month. It is only about 4 blocks away and I can walk there in seven minutes.

Swimming is full-speed ahead and I hope to dip my toe in the open water scene this year.


Jacque Hendrix said...

You left 3? What will you do with all the sleep?

Bill Foss said...

Hi Jacque, Just interim Lt position for a couple more weeks. Then back to 3s for a little while. I am hoping for a promotion in June. If that happens, I will probably be out of 3s for a while. I have to admit Stn 9 has been nice. Although I miss 3s peeps and my brothers there.

Hank Greer said...

15th fastest 50 year old. Congrats! You were probably one of those many youngsters who passed me by. :-)