Monday, November 26, 2012

A tale of two cities...

A friend referred me to an article about the budget woes of Tacoma and their fire department. I dug a little deeper and thought you may want to know how the budgets of your Spokane Fire Department stack up against Tacoma's. Also, what is the call volume like in comparison and some other numbers for your perusal:


2012 Tacoma daily staffing - 74
2012 Spokane daily staffing - 59
2011 Tacoma run volume - 25,000
2011 Spokane run volume - 30,000+
2012 Tacoma Fire Dept budget - $131 million
2012 Spokane Fire Dept budget - $43 million (35 general fund, 8 EMS levy)
2006-2010 Tacoma median household income - $47,862
2006-2010 Spokane median household income -  $40,367
2010 Tacoma population - 198,397
2010 Spokane population - 208,916


Jacque Hendrix said...

A good one for the Spokesman John.

EvilElf said...

Thanks Jacque!

Anonymous said...

where does a city revenue come from? while the amount of people there is one thing, the revenue generated is more based on sales tax and property tax. how much sales tax is collected by both agencies, and what it the median property value and subsequent property tax for each agency?