Monday, November 05, 2012

Spokesman-Review Editorial - DENIED!

Sent this in about 5 weeks ago. I received the usual confirmation telephone call which I returned, but for whatever reason, the letter did not get published.  Tomorrow is the big day, so here it is:

Andy Billig is the clear choice for our next third district state senator.

Andy not only leads a successful Spokane business, one which employs many, he has been our champion in the state house of representatives, bringing Spokane values to Olympia. Andy has continually reached across the aisle, building consensus to enable and assist  Washington families, business owners, retirees, students and veterans.  His pragmatic, thoughtful approach is impressive. His incredible work ethic is inspiring. Andy has been endorsed by many organizations and businesses, all across the political spectrum.

If you want a state senator who puts results above ideology, one who will do the work, one who will make Spokane proud and give us a credible voice in Olympia, please vote for Andy Billig for state senate.

Thanks for reading this!

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