Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dirtbag on the prowl

A neighbor had a bike stolen from their garage. The thief looks like this:

Apparently he comes every morning after midnight to see if their garage is still locked. Here's the full picture and description from the neighbor:

Happy hunting!


Ben said...

I had two bikes stolen from my basement this spring. I think you and I live nearby each other. If the thief is identified please post an update. Thanks!

EvilElf said...

Ben, will do.

Ben said...

Dirtbag is back. Two more bikes stolen early Sunday morning. These were two bikes I bought at the bike swap to replace the two stolen last April. You probably read about the bike thieves apprehended last fall in our neighborhood. The cop said those guys likely spent less than a week behind bars so they're back. Be careful. I left my back basement door unlocked when I got some kayaks out. Less than 12 hours is all it took.