Monday, September 29, 2014

Fish Disrespecting

In this morning's news, in tomorrow's paper, a local story of murder and a ghastly tale of body disposal. What started all of this? According to the Spokesman-Review:

"Hart has been in custody since authorities discovered the body of Regan Jolley, 33, in the detached garage of a Nine Mile Falls home. The couple had been dating a few weeks, according to friends, and the relationship was fraught with tension. A woman who lived at the home with the couple said Hart yelled at Jolley for disrespecting fish during a group fishing trip a few weeks before the murder."

This reminds me of:

If you have a youth who is disrespectin', get him fishrespectin'! so the advertisement went. There were shirts for sale like this:

Simpler times back then. I wonder what ever happened to the founder of this organization, Dr. Harriman Nelson.

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