Sunday, October 04, 2015

Boffo roundup of autumnal doings.

It really has been a great autumn so far. Can you believe the color of these roses?

I have a sore back today, so "lum'bear'" with me, while I do a little recap of the last week or so. It's the meds...

Last week, Sarah and I went to Oktoberfest at the convention center. We had a good time. Look at how tall Manuela Horn is! Ach du lieber!

Here she is with Mayor Condon.

He and Stacy Cowles, the publisher of the Spokesman-Review, tapped the firkin. Like I reported in Facebook, it seemed like a good setup for the beginning of a cheesy horror movie. But no Nazi zombies sprung from kegs, nor did any lederhosen-clad yodeling vampires. It wasn’t exactly packed on the day we were there, Friday, but it was fun. I hope there was a good enough turnout for it to become an annual event. Sarah did well in a feat of strength - hoisting and holding out a liter of water!

Then there was the moon:

Ever wonder why that basket of flowers between Bennidito’s and Rosauer’s isn’t thriving like all the rest? Well, the drip/spray watering system is a little off target. It is a refreshing spot for an early morning shower.

I had to cancel the planned October 17th BrewRunRun. I am still working on the website.

As usual, you can check in here for all the Spokanarama links.

One of the reasons I cancelled the October 17th BrewRunRun is because I have been and will remain busy in Hazmat school for a while. When I was a little kid, the only thing I wanted to be, that I’m comfortable with disclosing in this forum, was an astronaut. Time is running out on that dream, so getting into the hazmat suit and stumbling around like a befuddled and blinded Neil Armstrong is probably going to have to suffice.

Speaking of hazardous materials,  if you want to know how to make a device to cook two pizzas at once on your BBQ, let me know.  The materials are all around you!

Haiku Friday continues! I hope you have been able to tune in on Periscope. The YouTube channel is here. And here is last week's:

Probably will be a first ever this week - Haiku Friday in the evening! That’s how crazy busy stuff has been. Perhaps, a cocktail hour version.

I have not heard anything from anyone after I submitted my online Spokane Poet Laureate application. So, it’s not looking good. You would think they would give a poet a courtesy reply. One thing I will do, if selected, is bring civility back to the Spokane poetry scene. As a confession, I did crash the poetry reading at Aunties on Friday, while they were shutting down the stage. If I was not discourteous, I was a little indecorous. The audience seemed to like my poem - Starkisser.

Next posting, I should share my application packet for the poet laureate position with you. Keep your fingers crossed!

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