Thursday, September 24, 2015

No, Spokane doesn't suck, and neither does your mom...

OK, a guy moves from TEXAS and finds that Spokane is nice. That shouldn't be a surprise. When he runs into the locals, he finds that they put down their hometown. That shouldn't be a surprise either. Spokane is a polite place. Most of us love it here. If you can make a living in Spokane, there are few better places to live, in my opinion. But, we are pretty self-effacing about it with transplants, especially if they are from such an awesome place like TEXAS.

What is surprising is that this guy made a kickstarter account and is making money with  t-shirts emblazoned with "Spokane Doesn't Suck."

If you are from Spokane and you wear this shirt, I think it makes you sound a little defensive.

My first reaction was to make a shirt that looks like this:

But, wouldn't that be mean?  It seems like it to me. However, if his "Spokane Doesn't Suck" t-shirt is supposed to be complimentary, I guess this shirt would sound supportive. Maybe it is. Anyway, potentially hurting people's feelings is not how I role (as the kids say). So, here is the shirt:

If you want one, and really I don't know why anyone would, you can order it here.

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